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Taprobane GIN

Award-winning Gin


In their vain search for the legendary kingdom of Prester John Portuguese maritime adventurers of the 15th century discovered perhaps an even greater reward: the most resplendent isle: the mystical Spice Island of Taprobane. Here they found the herbs and that was so desired in Europe and learned the arcane art of distillation, which magically transformed the sap of the coconut blossom to an Elixir of Life itself: Arrack


Bright and zesty with cooked pineapple, orchard fruits, and elegant florality. Aromatic with a layered complexity of earthy spices, cooked bananas and hints of apple pie on a long finish.


Blended with double-distilled Arrack in a copper pot still and basket infused with island botanicals Taprobane Gin is exclusively hand-crafted at the Cabo da Boa Esperanca in small batches.

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